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Sarah Jessica Parker Was Heartbroken When Kim Cattrall Said They Weren't Friends

Last year is was revealed that Kim Cattrall was the reason that there wouldn't be a Sex And The City 3 and the actress clapped back claiming that she was never friends with her costars and that Sarah Jessica Parker in particular, could have been nicer. That was shade!

Now Andy Cohen is getting involved in their feud. He asked his longtime friend SJP on WWHL about Kim's claimsSarah Jessica admitted that she was heartbroken and upset because it wasn't how she remembered those times but she hopes that the work of their show overpowers the recent catty remarks.

Sex And The City is one of the most iconic TV shows of all times which is proven by it's reruns playing ad nauseam on cable. I'm still pissed about missing out on that third movie but at least things weren't as bad on set as Kim initially described.

Andy also asked SJP about the possibility of replacing Samantha in a potential third film and she said that once the grieving process is over then they can go back to the drawing board and ponder new ideas.

NOPE! If Kim Cattrall isn't playing Samantha Jones then no one can. That would destroy the whole franchise even more than the Dubai movie did!

Watch the full video above!

Do you think they could replace Kim Cattrall? Sound off in the comments!

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