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Ramona Singer's Former Assistant Is Suing Her And Alleging She Scammed Bravo

This following story is the most typical Ramona Singer behaviour, she couldn't be more on brand if she was drinking Pinot Grigio and yelling about turtle time.

The Singer Stinger ordered a new assistant through a company called T360 and agreed to pay the assistant $4,000 for 20 hours of work a month. Sounds pretty easy however in court documents, her former assistant IS suing Ramona, claiming that she ordered her to work for 40 hours a week without any extra compensation.

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Apparently Ramona would also make the T360 employee bill Bravo for high end designer clothes that she had bought for the show and then return the clothes to the store. Wow is Ramona that poor that she needs to scam Bravo on top of her already sky-high salary?

The mess doesn't stop there. Ramona allegedly fired her assistant in the lobby of her own building and pushed her when the girl refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The assistant company T360 is suing Ramona for $150,000 in damages. How can firing you in a lobby and making you work overtime be that much money? I think some people are out to get Miss Singer's coin!

Fuck, this sounds like something out of a Lifetime movie and I can definitely see Ramona doing all of this, I mean it's Ramona. The new season of RHONY is currently filming and expected to premiere in April. Let's just hope that we get to see this unfold on TV.

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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