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Faith Stowers Dishes On Recording Her Hookup With Jax Taylor

This is one thirsty bitch. First you fuck your friends boyfriend for a place on a reality show and now your talking to Entertainment Tonight about it? The mess!

Faith Stowers is claiming that she was recording her music session on her iPhone when Jax Taylor came over to cheat on his girlfriend. The low down former SURver said that she "forgot" that her phone was recording and it captured her steamy sex session with Jax and only discovered the recording after he left.

BULLSHIT! The hoe's story didn't make sense, she said you could hear the before and after, but what about the middle when he was 5 inches deep in her?! Also, if she "accidentally" recorded it, wouldn't she delete it. Why would she need to keep it and show James Kennedy of all people. Ugh.

She corroborated James' story of him stealing her phone and sending himself the message and said she cussed him out in Sur when she found out. Who does this bitch think she's tricking? She probably had an orgasm at the thought of her name being featured for 4.5 seconds on a reality show.

Faith also repeated the information about what Jax said on the recording, which the girls of Vanderpump Rules had already confirmed. Not once in the interview did Faith actually apologise to her former friend Brittany Cartwright, for fucking her boyfriend.

Watch the interview in the video above!

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