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Shade of the Week: Wendy Williams

I spent most of the week stressing about which celebrity to appoint as my latest shade. After no one had committed a major shade worthy scandal it occurred to me that maybe I should change it up this week and honour someone's shady behaviour instead of disparaging it. This week is a celebration of the amazing shade that Wendy Williams continues to bless us with! How You Doin’?

Wendy has the biggest mouth on TV and is an expert in throwing premium shade to anyone that deserves it, and sometimes, those who don't. She's funny, unapologetic and even just downright mean, but we need some honest opinions and fun in these times that we are in. Wendy has the voice that many people across America echo and she makes you feel like you know her, and her entire talk show crew. I see you Norman and Suzanne! It's refreshing to see someone with the middle class attitude on TV that we can relate to as opposed to Ellen who buys new LA real estate as if it is lesbian porn.

As much as Wendy tries to escape the bright lights of celebrity and crawl back to Jersey, she has been no stranger to the media getting involved in her mess, especially these last few months. We have seen everything from her P shaped bikini body, her faint on live TV and the mess of her husband's ten year affair be dragged through the streets. Even though Wendy claimed to stand by her man, we all know that he's still screwing that busty massage therapist. Proceed with caution!

I don't know if the affair made her more angry but this season of her talk show has been the best ever. She's never really held back her opinions but now she has entered zero fucks territory and has been in the news almost constantly for her daytime shade. Wendy’s mouth embroils her in some kind of scandal almost daily, whether it’s calling out Kim K’s latest nude selfie, saying black people can’t protest or her ever changing opinion of the real housewives franchise.

However aside from her abrasive views and tea sipping shenanigans, there's also a soft side of the talk show Queen that we get to see. This year her son has been preparing for college which has wrecked her to the core and shown her raw emotions on more than one occasion. She's also going through menopause so that could be the reason for messier opinions. Whatever the fuck it is, keep it up!

Wendy Williams is a one of a kind and knows how to give us must watch TV even if you are thinking about her husband’s infidelity in the back on your head. She may not be everyone's taste but I cannot get enough of Wendy and her wig (s) and if are an avid Good Tea reader than I suggest that you jump on the Wendy train because she can spill the tea and read people for filth like she's at her family's Thanksgiving!