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Shade of the Week: OJ Simpson

This shade of the week almost writes itself. After OJ Simpson got away with killing two people, he finally went to jail for his messy Las Vegas tricks. Now he’s out of the Nevada prison and is getting back to his old ways.

Word on the street is that Sasha Baron Cohen is paying OJ 20K to appear in his new movie. Apparently the Juice’s scene with take place in a Vegas hotel room which couldn’t be more on brand. But why are we giving this convicted killer a platform?

No OJ wasn’t found guilty of murder in his criminal trial, but he was in his civil one. The athlete still owes his victims families money from all those years ago that’s never had to pay. Instead of letting OJ walk away from this movie 20K richer, he should be made to give the coin to the victims families, that’s the logical and right thing to do.

Eh, is anyone else sick of hearing about OJ Simpson, yeah he was a big football star but now it's just sad. He's one of America's biggest killers who's hanging out in Miami mansions with dumb 20-year-old THOTs and probably a shit tonne of cocaine. The Juice needs to go the fuck away and stay out of the spotlight because it's not okay that he continues to garner fame and attention while two people died because of his out of control jealously and anger.

The ONLY possible way that I would like to see OJ have any type of notoriety again, would be if he did an appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and let Kris Jenner and the morally corrupt Faye Resnick roast the shit out of him for killing their best friend and did a paternity test to prove that Khloe Kardashian isn't his daughter, other than that OJ can stay in Florida with his hoes.

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