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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux May Have Never Been Legally Married

Just days after the couple announced their divorce, it seems like that may be completely unnecessary according to new evidence that says they were never actually married.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got married at their Bel Air estate back in 2015 in a secret ceremony, but it appears that they may not have a wedding license.

TMZ is reporting that they couldn't find any record in the Los Angeles county that Jen and Justin were married. Apparently there is no marriage license registered to the couple. Sources even told TMZ that they "may not be legally married" and didn't get a confidential marriage license either.

They could have got their licence in any of the other states of America, but that seems highly unlikely given they fact that they wed in LA and that their "friends" think they never bothered to get the license.

The outlet investigated using their messy ways and even asked well known divorce lawyers if they have been contacted by the couple, which they haven't.

This tea is so fucking random. I don't understand why they would have a ceremony but not actually get legally married on paper. Eh, it should come out soon enough!

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