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RHONY Cast Almost Died During Season 10 Colombian Trip

This upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York City is shaping up to be one of the most iconic yet after this tea that I'm hearing.

Word on the street is that the cast travelled to Cartagena, Colombia after a Palm Beach judge allowed Luann to leave the country following her arrest last December. The seven ladies were allegedly hoping to load onto a luxurious yacht but realised that it was an old boat.

The boat wouldn't even move when the ladies arrived on it, causing a crew member to SAW the anchor off. That wasn't all. Apparently once the boat got out to sea the engine set on fire causing a massive fire and water started coming aboard the boat.

The crew apparently didn't have fire extinguishers or even speak English. The bumpy waves also caused everything that was nailed down to fly around. To make the boat ride EVEN WORSE, there were only two or three lifejackets on board.

The girls were all the way out at sea and apparently all believed that they were going to die with the vessel both on fire and sinking. The crisis caused the ladies to freak the fuck out and made Carole and Tinsley throw up overboard.

Photos emerged of the cast in the airport trying to leave Colombia and there was major drama when they were trying to depart. Ramona was in a wheel chair and the rest of the ladies were exhausted, lying on the floor. I can already tell that trip is going to be amazing.

Not only did they loose the anchor, the boat caught on fire, began to sink, everything went flying around and the girls were throwing up and crying. Although it sounds traumatic and dramatic as fuck, the comedy factor is going to be iconic and hilarious in true RHONY fashion.

Bravo has even offered the cast counselling after their traumatic experience, which is a first for any real housewives franchise.

The Real Housewives of New York City is expected to air in the Spring.