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Southern Charm Is Back with Baby Mama Drama, Breakups & Thomas' New Boo

Are you ready for a new season of Southern Charm fresh from Charleston?

The entire gang with the exception of Landon Clements and the full time addition of Chelsea Meissner are back for another round of Charleston fun that has everything from baby mama drama, surprising hookups and waterproof vibrators. What's not to love?

Kathryn Dennis has a new hairdo which is confusing to say the least, but you do you boo! Craig Canover and his then-girlfriend Naomi Olindo are still fighting like cats and dogs, which even included a shady sewing dig. It's known if this was filmed before or after their split, but I'm down to watch either way.

Cameron Eubanks is pregnant and busy prepping for her baby with the help of the baby's godfather Whitney! Cam picked the right guy to spoil the newborn with gifts because he has deep pockets, well Patricia has deep pockets.

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Thomas Ravenel's new girlfriend, Ashley, is also on the scene and set to spark some fires particularly with her boyfriend's crazy yet loveable baby mama Kathryn, who appears to actually have friends this season. Good for her!

Austen Kroll and Chelsea are also trying to be amicable after their split but that's kinda hard when one of them starts fucking the other's best friend. Awkward!

Shep Rose is basically MIA from the trailer, but he was probably somewhere in the background have sex with a freshly 22-year-old southern belle. Or maybe he'll fall in love with Kathryn after hearing about her romantic dream. Anything would be better than another failed season of Relationshep.

Check out the shocking season 5 trailer below! Southern Charm premieres April 5th at 9/8c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on Charleston Charmers.