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RHOC Season 13 Tea: Vicki Gunvalson & Kelly Dodd Are Beefing

The thirteen season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has been filming for a week now, and there's already a beef developing between two former BFFs.

At the end of the last season we saw Vicki Gunvalson make up with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, but it seems like she just can't get herself out of trouble because now she's appears to be feuding with her longtime ally Kelly Dodd.

Vicki's boyfriend Steve Lodge spoke to Page Six and confirmed that not only did Vicki set Kelly's ex husband up with a new girl but that they are all really good friends. Steve even went on to say:

"I asked Vicki not to say anything to Kelly because I didn’t think it was our business to tell her. Whether she takes offense to it or not, that’s just the way it is. I didn’t want there to be an issue. When they want to tell Kelly, it’s up to them.”

Well you just spoke to an international news outlet, so I guess that she'll find out soon enough. Kelly was Vicki's only friend on the show for the last TWO years, shouldn't she have some loyalty towards her friend and not hang out with her asshole of an ex husband? I guess not.

When Kelly saw the Page Six article, she flipped and took to Twitter in true Housewives fashion. The fiery reality star replied to the article in a now deleted rant saying:

"Steve Lodge is a douchebag along with his pig of GF!! And I am 42 years old not 44years old!"

SHOTS FIRED! Kelly knows how to throw that shade and will always hit below the belt, which is why she's an amazing real housewife. She also shit talked Vicki and Steve to fans as well.

The two women are currently filming for RHOC, so you can expect to see this feud play out on camera. Tamra and Shannon are the only other cast members returning after Meghan, Lydia & Peggy all got fired. No word yet on who their replacements will be, but let's hope Bravo listens to my ideas!

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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