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NeNe Leakes Thinks Half Of RHOA Should Lose Their Peaches

Oh God, does this mean NeNe Leakes is going to be chased next season with another storyline about her trying to get these bitches fired?

In a recent E! News interview, the Queen Bee of Hotlanta was asked who she would like to kick off the show. NeNe began to answer very diplomatically saying that she "isn't an executive at Bravo" and doesn't have to power to hire or fire anyone but if she did, half of the current cast would be gone.

BLOOP! Of course Miss Leakes couldn't name and shame the Housewives she wants to take a peach from because that would create more petty drama that she doesn't want to carry with her into next season. Housewives need to earn their checks and it's unfair that so many can pass through the seasons and not bring anything with them when those "friends of" WORK for their coins!

But if NeNe was in charge at Bravo, who would she revoke a peach from?

In my opinion, Sheree would obviously be out. Her and NeNe haven't exactly been seeing eye to eye all season and now that Kim and her wig are back, She by Sheree has noticeably climbed up her bleached booty and has become more redundant and boring than ever, so I think that NeNe would definitely fire Miss Whitfield.

NeNe would probably keep Porsha Williams because, as she said in the video above, she believes that she is good TV. She is also close with the remaining Housewives: Kandi, Cynthia & Kenya, so it's anyone's guess who's peach she would take away from that crew.

But who would she replace the cast with? NeNe has made it very clear that she thinks Marlo would be a great addition and has campaigned for a long, ass time to try and get Miss Hampton to hold a peach in the lineup. Current "friend of" Eva Marcille is also quite close with NeNe, so she'd probably upgrade her to peach status as well.

Watch the videos above and below to see NeNe sound off on all the RHOA drama and casting situation for next season!

Do you agree with who I think NeNe would cast for next season? Sound off in the comments!

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