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Kathy Griffin Thinks That CNN Will Offer Her New Year's Eve Gig Back

I like Kathy Griffin and it's time that she makes her comeback in USA but she is delusional if she really thinks that CNN would offer her New Year's Eve gig back.

Word on the street is that the disgraced comedian thinks that CNN are going to ask her to host their New Year's Eve show with Anderson Cooper again after Andy Cohen bombed as her new replacement. CNN claimed that the show had it's highest ratings ever but fans everywhere tweeted about their boredom of the show and Andy's annoying behaviour.

After Kathy's social media was flooded with cries for her to comeback she apparently took that to mean that she will get her job back, which will never happen in a million years. CNN is a political network so there is no way that they could rehire her after that Trump mask photo and Anderson isn't even her friend anymore. It just wouldn't work.

Kathy is a comedian and her career is more than just one night of the year. If Trump can still be President after all the mess he created in the last year then Kathy can definitely make her comeback, however she burnt a whole lot of bridges when she said that Andy Cohen offered her cocaine and called out a boatload of executives for not supporting her in that 17 minute rant video, so that could make anyone a little nervous to work with her.

Right now Kathy's tour is selling out across the world but if she really wants to come back and perform in USA then she can't be making Trump jokes because no one is here for that, she needs to move on and get back to her pop culture roots because I don't think anyone wants to hear her make jokes about the orange president.

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