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Inside Countess Luann's Cabaret Show

Luann de Lesseps dazzled in the debut performance of her cabaret show, #CountessAndFriends, with her pal Sonja Morgan who kept trying to flash her box and was in serious need of a SnatchGuard.

This performance comes two months after Lu's Palm Beach arrest and is the first of two sold out shows that she is singing in. The Countess was the butt of the joke in her show and apparently joked about her arrest saying “I had a list of songs but had to reconsider "Jailhouse Rock." HA! She also told the crowd to memorise three numbers if they ever get locked up. THIS is the side of Luann that I love!

While Sonja joined her on stage, Kelly Bensimon was the only other RHONY alum to turn up to the event, however the rest of the current cast (and maybe Jill Zarin) are all expected to come to Lu's second and final cabaret show which is set to be shot for the season finale of the new season.

The show was full of sexy costume changes, Lu apparently read diary entries from before her life in the spotlight and even talked about the day she met Jill Zarin. Miss de Lesseps also confessed that life is exhausting without alcohol and stated:

“Not drinking is exhausting. Getting up at six and going to my meetings and to yoga and then filming ‘Housewives'. I’m dead by 10 o’clock I’m wiped out, I’m exhausted. And usually, I’m just starting at the Regency at that time.”

I am SO proud of Luann. She is holding her self accountable for her actions but also having fun with her situation at the same time. She's definitely going to be the breakout star of RHONY's tenth season and I cannot wait! She has NEVER been better and this proves that she can be good TV, even if she's not drinking!

Watch Luann and Sonja belt out the iconic hit "Money Can't Buy You Class" to the sold out crowd in the video below that was captured by Bravo cameras!

What do you think of Lu's cabaret show? Sound off in the comments!

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