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Police Called To Tori Spelling's House After Nervous Breakdown

Donna Martin would never!

The Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott saga continues as the police were called to their Woodland Hills residence when the actress reported a robbery which turned out to just be her husband coming home. Sources say that the two started fighting which caused her to breakdown before the police arrived. The kids were also home when this happened.

What a fucking mess. Apparently Tori is obsessed with trying to maintain her marriage despite all the drama that is attached to it. Her breakdown was allegedly the result of stress from her marriage, finances and children.

I do feel bad for Tori because it has not been easy for her these last few years, even if she did bring on many of the problems herself. One thing after the other just keeps piling up which would be almost impossible to deal with. Imagine being sued by American Express for $87,000 in credit card debt, which is money you don't have, being cheated on by your husband and having 5 kids to deal with. That's enough stress to make anyone go crazy.

No arrests were made and no charges were laid. The police left the premise shortly after their arrival and the family is reportedly doing okay. Basically she had a breakdown, the police came, realised it was nothing and then left. Are you even allowed to call the cops because of a nervous breakdown? I'd of thought they'd be busy solving all those murders.

The Beverley Hills, 90210 star just needs to go away to rehab and take some time off. The couple even borrowed them money from her mom Candy to help pay their debts but they aren't able to pay her back. I have no idea how this situation is going to resolve itself.

Her mental health was gotten so bad that the mother of 5 hasn't posted on social media in weeks and stopped talking to almost all her friends. An insider even said that she has spent weeks at home with her family without leaving.

Sources are saying that Tori apparently knows that it's time for change to get her life back on the track. Maybe there's a divorce in her future?

What do you think of this mess? Sound off in the comments!

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