Kourtney Kardashian's Boo Deleted His Instagram After She Alluded To Having Tea On Someone

This whole situation is very shady to me.

Kourtney Kardashian posted a series of now deleted Instagram photos that hinted to the fact that she has a tonne of tea to spill about someone. What a tease. This bitch is just dangling a carrot in front of our eyes.

Just as these shady Instagram were deleted, her boy toy Younes Bendjima deleted his entire Instagram account. What the actual fuck? To delete your entire (verified) Instagram takes serious effort so obviously something when down.

The couple allegedly also unfollowed one another before he deleted his account which makes the situation even more fishy.

Obviously there is something going on because these 3 shady Instagram events can't just be coincides. What was the tea? Why did they unfollow each other? And why did we need to delete his entire account with thousands of photos? I need to know!

This lovers quarrel comes just as Younes began being featured on KUWTK, which could be the reason for their relationship tiff?!


What's your theory about what could be going on with this couple? Sound off in the comments!