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Lala Kent Shaded Scheana Shay's Bad Singing After She Blamed It On Lala's Lyrics

Lala Kent is one bad ass bitch I would never want to fuck with, she may be from Utah but I guess she has some kind of New York gangster buried deep down inside her.

On Monday Scheana Shay appeared on Watch What Happens Live and sounded off on Lala calling her tone deaf on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. The bootleg Kardashian made it very clear that she "hasn't watched many of the episodes this season" almost trying to sound cool about it.

Scheana said that no one can sound good singing "yo yo yo" and that they were bad lyrics on Lala's part. She also deflected and said that DJ James Kennedy said that Lala is also tone deaf. Cool. Is DJ James Kennedy the authority of who is and isn't a bad singer?

Of course Scheana found an excuse and blamed her bad singing on the song lyrics and said that her singing is better suited when there is a song that's right for her voice. Cut the shit, we all saw the tape. Miss Shay is in denial about everything from her bad singing to her cringeworthy relationship with Rob and she needs serious help.

Watch Scheana shade Lala in the video below.

It didn't stop there. Miss Kent must have been tuning into Bravo and saw the comments that her friend made which prompted her to pop on her hoops and make a video to get back at Scheana's WWHL comments. The reality star came for Scheana, saying that she tried to get Beyonce in the studio, because apparently she's the only person up to Scheana Shay's level. SHADE!

Lala also gave Miss Shay a little homework assignment and belted out an entire verse of her song for Scheana to sing and send back to her, since Scheana is such a talented singer. DOUBLE SHADE! Lala is winning the game right now.

In the short clip the Utah native also managed to shade Scheana's little Vegas show and said that if she sent her undertones then it would really make her bank. Damn, Lala was really coming for Scheana's life! Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney also liked the tweet. Is there an alliance forming?

Check out Lala's epic shade throw in the video below.

Scheana needs all the friends she can get right now on Vandepump Rules, so I don't think pissing off Lala, one of her only allies, is good for her when the reunion is just around the corner. Maybe this will force Lala to become a fully fledged member of the Witches of WeHo.

What do you think of this new surprising beef? Sound off in the comments!

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