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Younes Bendjima Shaded Kourtney Kardashian In Cryptic Messages After Instagram Drama

The mess is real!

We previously reported that Kourtney Kardashian alluded to having tea on someone and her barley legal boo deleted his Instagram soon after that. But the weirdness didn't stop there.

Kourtney then deleted HER OWN Instagram account, but not long after as both Kourt and Younes Bendjima reactivated their accounts and they appear to still be following each other, but that could change at an minute now.

The former boxer turned model turned Kardashian boy toy posted two cryptic messages on his Instagram story after all the social media mess. The first post said:

"feels good to stop looking at your phone and start looking at the world. Try. Even for a day."

That could be pretty innocent but considering Sunday's episode of KUWTK was all about Kourtney not getting off her phone, it seems pretty shady to me.

Younes also brought Denzel Washington into the beef and posted a picture of his tweet which basically said that he needs to be alone sometimes to be the best person he can be. Was Kourtney getting too clingy and that's what their social media war has been about? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I need someone to tell me!

The future does not look very good for these two love birds. Maybe Younes has finally realised that it was time for this relationship to "expire" so that he can go an "recharge." HA! This so messy but I just know that Scott Disick is scrolling through his Instagram feed loving every minute of it.

Check out his two very shady messages below!

What do you think of this very weird beef? Sound off in the comments!

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