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Tori Spelling's Friends Are Very Worried About Her Amid New Claims From Dean McDermott's Bab

The Tori & Dean train wreck continues!

Tori Spelling's friends have been sounding off to several media outlets saying that they are "very, very worried about her," following her nervous breakdown last week. The actress allegedly doesn't want to divorce Dean because she thinks she will be seen as a failure, even though she's fed up with his moaning and wants him to get a real job to support their family.

Tori's mother Candy allegedly pays for everything due the couple's money struggle and ever growing debt. The family have moved EIGHT times in seven years, which just adds to all the stress of having 5 kids, a cheating husband and an American Express lawsuit. The mess of this situation is next level.

This tea from her friends comes as Dean's baby mama Mary Jo Eustace, who Dean was married to when it met Tori, has been spilling the tea on her relationship with the family. Apparently the son that Mary and Dean share was going to college and the struggling actor was supposed to pay his rent, but couldn't. Mary then talked to Tori who started paying the rent because Dean "didn't have any money." Does that mean that Candy was technically paying the alimony for Dean's kid?

Up until recently Tori's checks always came through for Mary, however 3 weeks ago they stopped. She reached out to Tori and Dean who both ignored her texts until Monday when Tori finally replied saying: "You’re not gonna believe this, but I just saw this.” This was days after her breakdown, so obviously checking her phone wasn't the main concern in Tori's life.

This is a MESS! Dean needs to get a fucking job, so that Tori doesn't have to pay for his kids rent. Maybe Tori Spelling could join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? She needs the check and she definelty has enough storyline for the show! Someone at Bravo give her a call and capture this mess on tape for our enjoyment!

What do you think about this mess? Should Tori become a Housewife? Sound off in the comments!

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