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Judge Wants Bethenny Frankel's Daughter To See Psychologist

No one can really argue with the judge on this one!

As we previously reported Bethenny Frankel is suing her ex Jason Hoppy for full custody of their daughter. The former couple appeared in court on Thursday where the judge denied Bethenny's request to change their current custody agreement.

The RHONY star's lawyer argued that she is seeking full custody, so that she doesn't have to deal with the obsessive texts and emails that Jason constantly bombards her with on a daily basis. Apparently he critizised the reality star's "newfound Jewish faith," but did anyone else know she was a new jew? That surprised me!

The judge ordered for their daughter Brynne to see a psychologist, to see if the current situation between her parents has been effecting her mental health. After the evaluation the judge will make a decision on their custody agreement.

It's unlikely that the judge will make any changes because he stated that the abuse is towards Bethenny and not Brynne, and as long as the daughter isn't affected by her parents strained relationship then Jason should be able to see his daughter.

I agree with the judge but this crazy train has to end at some point. Can't they force Jason to not stalk and harass Bethenny?

Do you agree with the judge's decision? Sound off in the comments!

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