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Ed Westwick Allegedly Held Woman Hostage As A Sex Slave For 48 Hours

Chuck Bass has left the building!

A fourth woman has come forward in a new lawsuit claiming Ed Westwick, kept her as his sex slave for two days. What is happening to this world?

Haley Camille Freedman is claiming that she was having consensual sex with Ed at his house back in 2014 when he asked her to spit on him, choke and slap him.

However when Haley refused to fulfil his fetish, Ed allegedly got mad and did those same things back to her. That's a little kinky, but not totally crazy.

Apparently the next morning she went to have a shower and he then came in and raped her. In court documents she said that the next two days were a haze of unwanted sex and Ed offering to drive her to her car. How did she end up leaving? And how did no one wonder where she was for two days?

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The weird part of this story is that Haley isn't suing Ed. she's suing her former business partners who stopped working with her when she first wanted to go public with the allegations. Couldn't she file Ed in the suit as well and kill two birds with one stone?

If you were a victim for rape, wouldn't you want to go for the bastard that did that to you, not your former employers?

Let's see if anymore of Ed's sex slaves come out of the woodwork. Three other girls have previously spoken about him raping them and the streets have been talking about his questionable relationship to Mark Salling. There is definitely more to come from this shady situation!

What do you think about this CRAZY lawsuit? Sound off in the comment!

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