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Tori Spelling's Family Escorted Out Of Restaurant By Police After Disturbance

The police must be on a first name basis with the couple at this point after it was the third time they visited them in nine days. That's got to be a new record!

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their five children were all dining at a restaurant in California when a fight allegedly broke out between the couple. Apparently their "discussion" was so loud that it was disturbing everyone else from trying to eat.

The police were called and escorted the family of seven out the back door of the eatery. First the police visited their home after Tori's nervous breakdown, then Dean got the police to check on Tori for him and now they are getting kicked out of restaurants?! Those kids are going to need some serious therapy, that Candy is going to have to pay for!

This mess really needs to stop for the sake of their children. Tori should divorce Dean's broke ass and move her and the kids into Candy's guest house because nothing is ever going to change if they keep going, the way they are going.

Things are looking up. Sort of.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star posted a selfie of her at work with Jennie Garth and announced that the two are working on a new project. I love a flashback and Tori needs the check so hopefully it's a huge success so that she can keep paying Dean's alimony checks on time.

What do you think of this never ending mess? Sound off in the comments!

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