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Shade of the Week: Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s relationship has been embroiled in scandal since it’s conception when the two, who were both married to other people, had an affair on the set of a Lifetime movie. What the fuck is it about the sets of those cheap made-for-TV films that get married people so horny? Is it the smell of D-List fame in the air? What is it, because Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are other serial cheaters who fell victim to the Lifetime curse.

For more than a decade Tori & Dean have endured every hardship you can face, as if they are living in their very own soap opera. The couple have been under insane financial pressure, sued by American Express, had a string of cheesy reality shows, popped out five kids and had their own cheating scandal, which they milked the fuck out of for TV ratings. These are like bad storyline from one of her dad's shows.

The soap opera doesn't end there. Tori and Dean were visited by the police three times in nine days in a bizarre chain of events. The police first visited them because Tori was having a nervous breakdown, the second time, Dean called the police so they could just casually check on her because he couldn't come home. And their latest police visit was because the couple started fighting in a crowded restaurant and were escorted out by the police after the owners of the restaurant called 911.

Did I mention that their kids were present for all three events?

This behaviour just isn't okay, especially since the two were caught making out on the set of Sharknado. I get that everyone has their martial issues but fighting in a crowded place while your kids are in front of you is unacceptable and wrong. Although Tori and Dean are both the reason for their money troubles, martial issues and excessive amount of children it would be hard to be living with their issues, regardless if they caused their own mess or not.

These two needed a divorce five years ago and if their mess is continued to be splashed across the media then they definitely need to split, if not for their own good but for their children's. Candy can't continue to fund the family's finances forever especially considering that Dean's baby mama is allegedly that Tori pays Dean's alimony because he couldn't afford it. That is a new level of sad.

A new blind item is claiming that a "foreign born world's worst actor/ part-time reality star is married but that didn't stop him from getting another woman he is seeing pregnant. This should work out well."

Could this be about Dean? He is Canadian, known to be a serial cheater and he's the world's worst actor, so there's a good chance it could be him. If this juicy tea proves to be true, it would make perfect sense as to why Tori is going crazy right now and adds even more reasons to the list of why she needs to dump his deadbeat ass and move into Candy's guest house, because if she doesn't end it now she is going to be paying alimony for this new baby as well!

Even though her husband may be having a new baby with his mistress and the police visit her more than her own mother does, Tori's life looks like it could be looking up. ​​She is making a new TV show based on Beverly Hills, 90210 with her former costar and real life bestie Jennie Garth where the two will play "exaggerated versions of themselves." I'm not really sure how the show is going to work but as long as it's making Tori some coin I guess it doesn't matter.

If her latest project doesn't work out she can always call Bravo and audition to be on the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I hear they are trying to find new girls for the show and she would definitely bring the mess that hasn't been around these last few seasons. Tori is already friends with Lisa Rinna so she has a link to the group and who wouldn't want to have a front row seat to the dissolution of her marriage, constant police visits and her husband's possible love child. That would be ratings GOLD! We just need to figure her tagline!

"You maybe think you've got me figured out, but there's more to my sTORI."

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