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Abby Lee Miller Granted Early Release! Is She Returning To Dance Moms?

The tea claiming that Abby Lee Miller was due to be released in February proved to be false, but the reality star is officially getting an early release from prison later this year.

The Dance Moms star who is currently serving her sentence for bankruptcy fraud and concealment of bankruptcy assets, was originally expected to be released on June 21. However according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons she's set to leave on May 25. At that point she will have served just over 11 months in prison.

During her time away Abby passed a real estate class and got a personal finance class diploma. She probably could've just that finance diploma before so that she didn't get into this mess!

What's next for the dance teacher turned felon? Word on the street is that she has been working on a tell all book during her prison stay and could possibly return to the reality show that made her a household name.

She told E! News last May that there are already people with cameras ready to start shooting her return to society, if she lets them. We all know that she famously feuded with the producers of the show but Abby previously stated that she would be willing to return to reality TV in the future, and she probably will for the right check!

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