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Kenya Moore Announced Pregnancy And Fought For Her Peach At RHOA Reunion

Is this Kenya Moore's last chance to save her peach?

On Thursday The Real Housewives of Atlanta filmed their season 1o reunion and there was no shortage of shade. According to several sources on the web, NeNe, Kenya and Porsha were the star players of the day and read many of the girls for filth. The day's theme was Spain due to their Barcelona trip and you can bet that those divas brought their fashion A-game to the table!

During the day, Kenya allegedly announced she was pregnant with her husband Marc Daly and that their baby was due before the end of the year. She also revealed that her husband is now open to appearing on camera. It sounds like Kenya is doing the most to hold onto her peach!

Miss Moore has been playing coy about pregnancy rumours for months now and kept dropping obvious hints in regards to her future, like this:

"I think it just depends on [what] the next nine months might look like and what kind of room we'll need and where we'll be in terms of that. So we're figuring it out, but it just depends on where our family, the number in our family, will be in the future."

I am giving that quote total side eye!

Well done Kenya! That was a smart move on her part to announce her pregnancy at the reunion in a last ditch effort to keep her job. We've all heard the rumours about how she lost her peach after refusing to film with her husband and then backing out on the cast trip to Barcelona. She was also seated on the very end of the couch which is massive shade from production. Heres a look a the seating plan:

The entire reunion was Kenya's time for redemption after she was absent for the majority of the second half of the season. She apparently feuded with Marlo over comments she had made about her marriage and her mother last year.

Kenya also revealed that the real reason behind Marlo & NeNe's falling out, was allegedly because Marlo tried to blackmail NeNe with "explicit" text conversation that the Rich Bitch had been having with John Kolaj, while she was split from her husband Gregg. Serve that tea hunni!

RoachGate was also a main part of the reunion with four of the women apparently going in on Kim Zolciak and her wig. Kim allegedly refused to acknowledge Kenya, who was sitting on the end of the couch, so Twirl stood up and sat to the right of NeNe and came for Kim's life.

The wig wearing white girl apparently stormed off the set in tears and obviously went home and told her daughter about her "hard day" because Brielle's thirsty ass tweeted a tonne of shade towards the other women including this ignorant sentence:

“Also remember there’s a reason time and time again my mom has advanced while they have all stayed stagnant. Karma really does her thing, without fail.”

Brielle take several seats. Your mom was just running her mouth all season and now they're finally calling her on it. It sounds like even Brielle is trying to grab a peach of her own!

Of course NeNe clapped back at Kim's offspring with some shade and reminded her about all the times her and Kenya have been ganged up on. Just to be clear, no one was EVER been ganged up on harder than Kenya at the season 6 reunion. Okay?

It looks like Kenya might have a good chance of holding onto her peach after she delivered constantly throughout the day, even though she was shadily placed on the end of the couch.

What do you think of the tea? Should Kenya keep her peach? Sound off in the comments!

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