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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 10 Cast Ranked!

The tenth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was not as iconic as I had previously anticipated. I thought that the returns of OGs NeNe & Kim, Kenya's secret marriage and the fallout from last year's LesbianGate drama would make for amazing TV, which in some aspects it did but in others it just made this season disjointed and hard to navigate. The group also didn't feel as connected as they have in past seasons because many of the peach-less ladies brought more to the show than those who actually hold a stone fruit. Don't get me wrong this season wasn't horrible but it wasn't up to the usual standard that we normally expect from these shady Hotlanta ladies. For season 11 I can feel a MAJOR shakeup coming our way, so get ready and check out our rankings of this season's cast and who we think should make it through to next season.

10. Shamea Morton

Who? I don't know her. Apart from trying to start drama with Kenya in Houston and asking Eva if she was a lesbian, Messy Mea really didn't bring anything to the show and will never hold a peach!

9. Eva Marcille

This former ANTM winner was brought on midseason as Kenya's alleged replacement and she may not be as messy as her predecessor but she does bring realness to the show. Eva's only drama this season consisted of her spilling tea about Cynthia's shady opportunist boyfriend Will and being asked if she dated Missy Elliott by Shamea. Although it wasn't a lot, she held her own against Will and read Messy Mea for filth like a professional. Eva probably needs to become a little more comfortable with talking about her life on camera but she is real, honest and upfront which are three qualities that we want in a Housewife. Marcille is engaged with a new baby on the way so her season 11 storyline basically writes itself. I say we should give Miss Eva a peach for next season because she has a lot more to give!

8. Cynthia Bailey

50 Cynt's storyline this season was essentially just her age but it kinda worked for Miss Bailey. Cynthia has never been one of the most entertaining women to watch but she is a nice filler Housewife with amazing wigs and a beautiful face. Ever since she kicked Papa Smurf's ass to the curb she has really grown on me and not been as depressing as she was when Peter was on her arm. 50 Cynt also had to deal with all the women coming at her with tea about her shady new boyfriend which I couldn't be fucked caring about because we all know that he is only there for the cameras. I like Cynthia but she isn't essential for the show and is one of the ladies that could be demoted to a friend for season 11, but I mean congratulations on Cynthia for holding onto her peach for 8 seasons now without having an actual personality, that takes some kind of talent.

7. Sheree Whitfield

Going into season 10 She by Sheree successfully established herself as the show's resident bone carrier but as soon as Kim and her wig turned up on the scene Miss Wigfield reverted back to her old ways and climbed up into Kim's perfectly bleached asshole, which made her peach redundant. Back in season 4 she did the exact same thing when the two feuded with NeNe and she ended up losing her peach as a result, which I think could be the same outcome this time around.

Apart from her finally telling her kids about her abusive with heir father (even though it had already been broadcast on national television months earlier) her lame prison boo and subsequent feud with NeNe, Sheree really didn't have a lot going on this season. She basically became Kim's unofficial mouthpiece and low-key alienated herself from the group which wasn't a smart move when there is shakeup just around the corner. I wouldn't be surprised if Miss Wigfield did lose her peach next season because she is definitely one of the ladies in question.

6. Porsha Williams

Porsha started the season on the outs with all the women on the show as a result of her feud with Kandi and beef with NeNe, which caused her to spend most of her camera time filming with her family and Sheree - but Miss Wigfield will film with anyone because she needs a check to fund her basement renovation. Miss Williams spent most of her time apologising to everyone and after her explosive confrontation with Marlo in Barcelona she finally started to get along with the rest of the group, even Kenya started to come around to Porsha. Along with her beef with most of the cast, Porsha's main storyline this season was her new role in the stage adaption of “Two Can Play At That Game” and her fake will-they-won't-they relationship with Rickey Smiley. For now I think Porsha's peach will be safe for season 11 but I wouldn't be surprised if she has run her course on the show.

5. Kandi Burruss

Atlanta's driest Housewife gets MAJOR points for just putting Kim into her place in their epic sit-down. Kandi tried to have a calm conversation with her but when the excuse making "friend of" kept getting defensive and popping off, Miss Burruss showed her who was boss and proved why you don't want to fuck with her. Kandi didn't have the most explosive or dramatic season but after her LesbianGate ordeal last year she deserved to have a mellow go of it this time around. However she wasn't completely exempt from the drama, Kandi continuously had to defend her choice not to be friends with Porsha and had to let NeNe go from her Xscape tour after her infamous rape joke. Kandi's peach is definitely secured for next season and many more to come, she has established herself as a stable character of the franchise and her common sense and down to earth attitude is vital to the show.

4. Kenya Moore

After her secret wedding, Mrs Moore-Daly primarily stayed out of the drama while her new husband stayed away from any and all Bravo cameras. Although Kenya's shit stirring tendencies were absent this season her marriage became a major talking point amongst the other women. Her fight with Kim and her bitch fit in the Houston bathroom were some of the most explosive moments of the season, however apart from that Kenya really didn't do much and when she refused to go on the Barcelona trip it pushed the producers over the edge and officially placed her peach on probation. After her diva behaviour, Kenya finally showed everyone her husband but it was too late for anyone to care. Mrs Moore-Daly is one of the ladies who's peaches is up in the air for next season but after her performance at the reunion and her surprising pregnancy announcement, there is a chance that Kenya's peach won't be taken from her just yet!

3. Kim Zolciak

If you've been reading my recaps then you will know that Kim and her wig aren't my favourite members of the show, however, she brings the drama and that is why we watch isn't it? Whether it was having a go at Kenya's marriage, making the shady medium Mbele walk off or sending all the ladies a video of bugs in NeNe's house, Kim took over the show as chief shit stirrer and made it clear that she was only there for a check while Kroy waited in the car for her to stop filming. Does ANYONE else think that is weird?!

For the entire season, Kim and NeNe had a weird relationship that started with Wig seeing NeNe parked in a handicapped spot at the mall and escalated to her accusing NeNe of doing drugs and posting a video of bugs in NeNe's house because she had made fun of her various fake health ailments. Kim is currently filming "Don't Be Tardy" and it's pretty obvious that she isn't real friends with any of the women on the show which makes me think that there isn't a peach in her future. Although due to her intense beef with NeNe, I think she will be back in guest appearances to stir the shit up!

2. NeNe Leakes

Although The Rich Bitch's only family storyline consisted of Gregg's unexplained heart condition, she once again proved to be the main source of drama amongst the group. If NeNe wasn't shouting about the closed door that was her relationship with Porsha, she was either popping off about Sheree's prison boo boyfriend Tyrone, getting into social media wars with Kim and her daughter about bugs or crying about her bad rape joke. NeNe came back this season with her original humour and shade and managed to leave her conceded Hollywood persona at the door. It seemed like her two season absence really humbled her and solidified her place as the Queen of the show. She also came out as the undisputed winner in RoachGate which was evidenced by the majority of the women having her back. Unlike Kim, NeNe has authentic relationships with the other women and her place on the show makes sense. Mrs Leakes' peach is 100% safe for next season.

1. Marlo Hampton

This may be a surprise but Marlotta really proved herself as the MVP of the season. Her thirstiness for a peach and her willingness to do anything for a check is funny to watch and is a little more likeable than Kim's similar antics. Marlo was the comedic relief of this season and her appearances on WWHL and the reunion are major indicators that she may in fact finally receive her juicy peach for next season, however her career as a sugar baby may impede that ability to obtain a full time position because she can never actually say what she does for a living. Even if Marlo never gets her peach, she is amazing TV and steals the scene with her witty comments and shady reads of the other ladies. Marlo was more interesting than many of the full time women and probably appeared more than Kenya and Kim put together. I could definitely get used to seeing The Hamptons on my screen!

Do you agree with our ranking? Sound off in the comments below!

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