RHOP Season 3 Taglines Revealed!

The Real Housewives of Potomac trailer gave me all the life I need, but their taglines... not so much. Normally a tagline should be funny, sassy and I little bitchy but none of these are any good. I don't know who came up with these stale ass phrases but they definitely aren't up to the traditional Housewives standard.

Let's break them down below!

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Gizelle Bryant: “If you can’t handle me being the word on the street, then stop listening.”

How long can she milk "the word on the street" it's been three seasons and she still managed to work it into her tagline. Part of me likes the fact that she is sticking to what she knows but the other half of me thinks that she isn't creative enough to come up with anything new.

Karen Huger: “Baby don’t believe what you hear. The grande dame still holds center court.”

Except for the fact that she doesn't. Karen is almost as delusional as this tagline which I'm sure we will all get to see this season when she is constantly dodging her money problem rumours.

Monique Samuels: “You’ll never put me in a box because I’m the whole darn package.”

This is too basic and too generic. The perfect tagline always relates back to the woman saying it but all this talk about boxes is too general.

Robyn Dixon: “Life has its ups and downs, but my game is on the rebound.”

One of the most overused Housewives quotes there is. Sure, the words may be slightly different but the "life is hard, now it's easy" cliche has been used way too many times in the realm of Housewives.

Ashley Darby: “You may say I cause trouble, but I say I keep things interesting.”

YAS ASHLEY! This is possibly the only tagline I actually like. Ashley is known for her messy ways and this just proves it. I can't wait to see how "interesting" she makes this new season.

Candiace Dillard: “Life is a pageant and I’m in it to win it.”

Cool? I guess being a pageant girl will be her storyline this season but that isn't cute past like age nine. She is definitely no Kenya Moore.

Who's tagline is your favourite? Check out the video above and judge for yourself! Sound off in the comments!

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