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Shannon Beador's Ex-Husband Shut Off Water To Her House After They Reach Divorce Settlement

David Beador is an asshole, I don't know how else to put it.

The former reality TV couple have finally come to a temporary settlement in their divorce battle and Mr Beador is not happy at all. The judge awarded both parents equal custody and ordered David to pay Shannon Beador $22,500 per month for temporary non-taxable child and spousal support.

After the judge's verdict David was apparently shaking in anger and started swearing at his ex-wife as he was walking in the court hallway. Was his bimbo girlfriend there too? Sorry I don't know if she's a bimbo, but I am hardcore #TeamShannon. Ugh, he makes me sick. He's the one who cheated, he's the one who didn't want to make it work, so why is he allowed to be mad at Shannon for all of this?

He allegedly believes that the monthly payments with bankrupt his company, which I call bullshit on. If you can afford to live in a big beautiful house in the OC, then you can afford to pay for your children to live with their mother. Following his big court blowup David turned off the water to Shannon's home, which is one of the lowest and dirtiest things you can do. David is officially making it ugly.

Shouldn't David be happy that he was at least given joint custody because that was what he was trying to achieve when he accused Shannon of encouraging their children not to see him. Although the couple have joint custody of their three children, no agreements have been made yet and Shannon will remain as their primary caregiver.

David didn't comment about their situation but Shannon had this to say about her ongoing divorce battle:

"As David and I continue our divorce proceedings, I'm doing everything I can to move things efficiently along so that our three children are not subjected to unnecessary stress during an already difficult time. I want to be as fair as possible. I remain focused on a clean resolution and have no interest in engaging in a war of words."

The couple are due back in court in July where changes may be made to their temporary agreement, and the good news is that all this divorce drama will be on the next season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which is expected to air in the Summer.

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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