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Kylie Jenner Dropped Out Of Lawsuit Against Blac Chyna

This family needs to have an intervention from all the lawsuits that they are constantly throwing at each other.

The latest legal update in the Kardashian dynasty is that Kylie Jenner has officially dropped out of her and Rob Kardashian's lawsuit against his estranged baby mama Blac Chyna.

You may remember back in September, the chubby Kardashian sued his ex for attempted murder after she went on a drug fuelled rampage, tried to strangle him with her phone charger and caused $100K worth of damages in the house that Rob was renting from Kylie at the time.

Why weren't the cameras rolling for that? That one scene alone would be better than any of the tired storylines that the Kardashians have been delivering in recent years.

It looks like Kylie is finally over her drama with Chyna, but that doesn't mean that the feeling is mutual. Remember, the former stripper recently re-added both Kylie and Khloe Kardashian BACK to her lawsuit against the entire Kardashian clan. Ugh, the mess!

All these lawsuits happening at once are so confusing! Who knew it would be so hard to keep up with the Kardashians!

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