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RHOA Recap: Daly Reminder

This week we finally saw Kenya perform her greatest magic trick of all and make the impossible possible by bringing Marc Daly into contact with Bravo cameras. Obviously (as we reported) Kenya was on thin ice with the producers after her diva antics almost ruined the Barcelona trip and her peach was placed on probation, so bringing out her husband and putting him on display was probably the only card Kenya had left to play, except for that baby card which is clearly played at the reunion.

I literally forgot that Kenya was on the show after she took nearly 4 episodes off. I saw what the show was like without her and I don't like it. Whether you love or hate Miss Moore, she brings the drama to the show and makes it worth watching. I mean that Barcelona trip was okay but Kenya would have brought that trip up to an iconic status with her bitchy ways like she has done for almost six seasons now.

This episode was another filler one with most of the scenes revolving around the Housewives trying to talk to their kids while they sat there and mumbled their way through. I don't know what is it but these Atlanta kids do not want to be on camera. Maybe Noelle, but she deserves a peach more than 50 Cynt does at this point. The producers also tried to make us think that Porsha and Rickey Smiley could become an item with their cute roller skating date and slow-motion gazes matched with the romantic music, but like fetch it's never going to happen.

In preparation for Kenya's PSA she walked into the Bailey Agency after getting some fresh dick and was there to throw same shade. Like a seasoned professional she brought up RoachGate and perfectly nailed the hypocrisy of Kim taking legal action against NeNe when the resident white girl has been slanderous against everyone on the show since day 1. NeNe, Kenya, Kandi, Cynthia, Marlo and the rest of the cast should all come together with a class action and sue Kim and her wig with all the force they can to make her stop running her big mouth. Maybe they should chuck Shady Phae Phae on that lawsuit as well because she got away easy for her lies against Kandi. Trust and believe.

Kenya's PSA screening night was finally upon us and I'm still confused as to what the actual point of it is. I understand it's for domestic violence but isn't a PSA supposed to be a short commercial and not a documentary? Also is a network actually going to air the PSA or is it going to end up like Kenya's other pet project Life Twirls On and never see the light of day? I wonder... Everyone was beat for the screening and I was living for Kenya's high pony. As she was introducing the PSA her new husband walked in to show the world that he really is a living, breathing person but not much more than that. Is personality was flat and best and I was getting some real shady vibes through the TV screens.

All the ladies acted all fake like they had never met him, when they actually had met him back at Todd's party which wasn't filmed for the show and happened at the beginning of the season. NeNe & Cynthia confirmed this through social media and in interviews, so this scene was a bunch of BULLSHIT! But I played along. It's fairly obvious that Kenya is way more in love with her man than he is with her but I really don't care enough to dissect their relationship. Sheree tried to be all fake and talk to him about his nose piercing while she shaded him for filth in her confessionals. Miss Wigfield is planning on marrying a convicted felon who is already trying his best to embezzle her more money from behind bars. What do they say about glass houses? Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor are both 95% made of glass at this point, so neither lady can afford to come for the other. Stay in your lines boo!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on our favourite Georgia peaches.

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