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Ashley Darby's Husband's Alleged Gay Affair Exposed

I cannot believe that I only discovered this juicy tea until now.

Back in November 2016 it was alleged that Ashley Darby's husband may have cheated on her with another man. The story goes that Michael was travelling in London for business and met up with a young black man on Grindr. Wow, he really has a type.

According to his gay side piece, the couple spent 2 whole days together in his hotel and Michael even bought his lover Chanel aftershave and a Cartier love charm. Damn, he really had the coins to spend! What makes it EXTRA juicy is that the young guy only came forward with his claims after he unexpectedly saw Michael on his TV.

Just in case you think this story is bullshit, the young black guy had the receipts to prove his alleged affair that range from screenshots of their Grinder conversation, nude pics and the gifts that the sugar baby received. Note that his Grindr profile name is Ozzieguylon, and he IS Australian. I mean call it a coincidence?

Michael's alleged gay infidelity never became a storyline on the show, however he did have gay rumours swirl about him after he was dancing with another man in the first season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

This juicy story first emerged in 2016 and the couple remained together for a while after that so they could possibly have an open relationship, or maybe THIS is the real reason for their marriage issues?

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