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Rob Kardashian Taking Blac Chyna To Family Court After Her Stroller Fight

Rob Kardashian may be out of the spotlight but that doesn't mean that he isn't watching and taking notes as his baby mama continues to act like a fool.

As a result of Blac Chyna's latest public outburst which involved her trying to fight someone with her daughter's stroller at Six Flags, Rob and his legal team are allegedly planning to file documents against his baby mama to change their current custody agreement.

According to sources, the Kardashian brother wants to establish rules of how both parents should behave when they are around their daughter which involves not introducing a boyfriend or girlfriend to her unless the relationship lasts longer than 6 months. Chyna recently started dating her barely legal boo YBN Almighty Jay, who was present for the stroller fight, but he comes from a long line of men who Chyna has had around her kids.

Rob also wants to ask the judge for a massive reduction in his child support payments because he is currently paying her $20,000 a month, even though they have 50/50 custody. Chyna also makes MORE money than him due to the fact that he is still banned from Instagram, which was his main money making platform.

The streets are saying that Rob will send his requests to the court in the coming days which will be the latest legal battle in the estranged couple's ongoing feud. Chyna is also currently suing Rob and his sisters for their spinoff being cancelled and he is suing her for strangling him with a phone cord. These two are so messy they should be on Love & Hip Hop with Ray J. Now that would be some MUST WATCH TV!

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