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Luann de Lesseps Dishes On Her Night In Jail

Following the RHONY season 10 premiere, Luann de Lesseps appeared on Watch What Happens Live and spilled all the juicy tea about her infamous night in prison.

The Countess admitted that the only phone number she could remember was her ex Tom D'Agostino's and her children were in Europe, so she sat by the phone with no one to call. I guess that's the one con about mobile phones, they make it impossible to remember phone numbers when you've been locked up!

She also talked about the "choices" that caused her to be arrested which involved her "accidentally"getting out on the fourth floor of the hotel as opposed to the third and sneaking into a room to have sex while the maid was turning the room over. The mess of it all! Why were there no Bravo cameras there?

Luann was in the Palm Beach prison from 10pm at night to noon the day after, keep in mind she was drunk and hungover in a prison cell so those would not have been a fun 14 hours. She was kept away from the other "prison bitches" which was a blessing for the reality star because could you imagine her mingling with drug addicts and hookers who were also spending the night in jail? If only the 2007 Countess could see her now...

It's not all bad news, the toilets had a little half wall (like Andy Cohen's do) so it wasn't too horrific for Lu to pee in prison. After her arrest Luann infamously went to rehab and she's now sober and performing in her sold out cabaret show in both New York and Los Angeles.

The felon turned cabaret singer is due back in court on April 13 where she most likely faces a sentence of community service, but that works fine according to Luann because she likes to help people from her days of being a nurse.

Watch Lu spill all the tea in the video above and sound off in the comments!

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