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Sheree Whitfield Allegedly Fired From RHOA

Another peach bites the dust!

LoveBScott is reporting that Sheree Whitfield was fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and won't be returning - for the second time now. I guess Bravo wasn't interested in waiting until 2022 to finally see her prison boo break out of jail.

All pick up letters are sent out two weeks after the reunion taping and each housewife is notified if her contract will be renewed. It looks like Bravo decided to revoke her peach, and the other ladies know too. Porsha Williams subtly tweeted about Sheree's firing here:

Kim Zolciak and her wig are also allegedly not being asked to come back as Sheree was her only link to the group and she has no real or authentic relationships to anyone else on the show. However she is currently filming Don't Be Tardy season 7, so you can still watch Kim and her family. If you care.

We always knew that someone's peach was going to be revoked before season 11 and while it was supposed to be Kenya Moore, her peach will definitely be save after her husband's decision to film for the show, pregnancy announcement and the major drama she caused at the reunion.

As for the rest of the cast: NeNe, Kandi, Cynthia and Porsha are all set to return with Eva Marcille possibly in the running to gain a peach for next season.

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History really does repeat it's self. Back in season 4 Sheree was so far up Kim's big bleached asshole when they were both feuding with NeNe and she was fired for it. In season 10 She by Sheree reverted back to her ass eating ways and it looks like it had the same outcome.

Miss Wigfield really screwed her and her checks by aligning with Kim. Who's gonna pay for Chateau Sheree now? Definitely not Tyrone!

Are you sad to see Sheree and Kim go? Sound off in the comments!

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