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Lala Kent's Boyfriend's Ex-Wife Calls Her A Mistress & Reveals The Taunting Text Message

Who knew that the baby mama in this situation was so messy?

Lala Kent has always maintained that she was never a home wrecker and that her boyfriend Randall Emmett was separated from his wife Ambyr Childers when they first got together, however now Ambyr is contradicting everything Lala says.

Last week while Lala and her man soaked up some sun in the Bahamas with his two daughters, his ex-wife Ambyr posted a screenshot of her fiery conversation with Lala on Instagram.

In the screenshot below, you can see the Vanderpump Rules star was going in on Ambyr after it appears that her daughter told Lala something she had said about her, behind her back.

WOW! I wonder what Ambyr had to say about her ex's new girlfriend? She is probably jealous that Randall replaced her with a younger model and was venting to her daughter about the reality star, I just guess that her daughter couldn't keep her lips shut. Lala also isn't wrong because Ambyr went public with her engagement only one month after her divorce from Randall was finalised.

There are three degrees of mess here:

1. Lala's texts

2. The fact that Ambyr posted it to Instagram for the world to see

3. Ambyr's shady caption which initially read: "Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most. Even the mistress."

DAMN! Did she just confirm that Lala was actually the mistress or is she just being bitter? Either way shots were fired and I am 100% here for this juicy tea! Also why did Ambyr need to post this on social media? What is she trying to do?

What makes this beef extra juicy is that Ambyr posted a photo of Jennifer Lawrence wearing her jewellery to a recent event, which is interesting because of Lala's very public beef with the actress. Did Ambyr post this to taunt Lala?

Surprisingly Lala hasn't responded to the post yet.

What do you think about this strange beef? Sound off in the comments!

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