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Tristan Thompson Exposed Cheating With THREE Women, While Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant In Cleveland

I'm actually devastated over this tea!

On Tuesday a flood of videos emerged that showed Tristan Thompson kissing multiple women across America, while his PREGNANT girlfriend Khloe Kardashian was in Cleveland preparing for their baby.

The first incident was when the DailyMail got ahold of a video where Tristan was spotted kissing a girl at a Manhattan rooftop bar, PH-D, on Saturday night.

If you thought that as bad, after the initial video was released then The Shade Room posted more footage of Tristan and the mystery hoe arriving at his hotel around 8.30pm in the same clothes he was spotted in at the club and then remerge FOUR hours in a different outfit on April 7th.

In their shady evidence you can see him RETURN at 5am with the same woman as he holds the door open for her. The THOT in question then left the hotel at 8pm that night after a full day of alleged fucking, in the same clothes that she was wearing the previous night, holding a Louis Vuitton overnight bag. I am shook!

The third piece of evidence to show that Khloe's baby daddy is a serial cheater was released by TMZ hours ago. The surveillance footage from back in OCTOBER 7th when Khloe was still pregnant, shows the NBA player at a bar in Washington D.C. kissing and motor boating two women while they both touched his crotch. Damn, he is cheating all across the country!

Regardless of how you feel about the Kardashian family, this is genuinely sad. Khloe devoted her life to Tristan, moved to Cleveland and sat at home pregnant, while he tried to bang any THOT or Kardashian lookalike that walked by. This is Lamar 2.0, but it's worse because now there's going to be kids involved in this mess!

Tristan previously cheated on his other baby mama, Jordan Craig, when she was pregnant with their son Prince Oliver, who posted this to her Instagram story after the first video surfaced of his cheating ways:

No one has responded to the videos but Khloe is literally due any day now.

What do you think about this scandalous tea? Sound off in the comments!

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