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Shade of the Week: Sheree Whitfield

After hearing that Sheree Whitfield and her horse face won't be around to reveal the She by Sheree September/Spring/Summer joggers line on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta next season she was in the starting lineup to be last week's Shade Of The Week, but I had to bench Miss Wigfield because of that juicy Tristan Thompson tea that was filling the streets.

When Sheree returned to the show in season eight she filled the void of NeNe Leakes' absence and brought back some OG shade and realness that we all thought we needed. She didn't have any lifelong friendships amongst the group but she did have the ability to be the fan favourite she once was from her "Who Gon' Check Me Boo" days. However, by the time that season 10 rolled around Miss Wigfield completely fucked herself by aligning with Kim Zolciak and going against the majority of the group. If I've learned anything from this situation it's that history really does repeat itself.

Back in season four, Sheree & Kim sided against NeNe and the bone carrier climbed very far up her ass. On the cast trip to South Africa, she called Wig from her bedroom to tell her that Kandi said she didn't think she would hold a black baby, which wasn't even remotely what Miss Burruss said or meant. Sheree was fired from the show because she had alienated herself from the group, was inside Kim's pregnant, bleached asshole and her bone carrying ways got too much. Now 6 YEARS LATER she reverted right back to those same ways and the outcome is the exact same, is it not?

This season, Sweetie 2.0 is still inside Wig's ass and they both feuded with NeNe, Sheree called her while in Barcelona to tell her that The Rich Bitch had been talking trash about her health which instigated the entire RoachGate feud. And guess what? She got fired from the show - again. From watching you could see that she had placed herself on an island all alone and she isn't interesting or fun enough to be able to justifiably come back with no friends except Kim.

The self-proclaimed bone carrier needs to find a new title because she isn't good at doing her job. Not only does she get the bones wrong but she doesn't carry all the bones back to the people that she needs to. Every time someone would say something bad about Kim she would run over to the White Chicks 2 wannabe and spill all the tea about what was said, but when Kim called NeNe a drug addict, said that Kandi wanted to eat her box and shaded the rest of the cast, Sheree sat there minding her own business and didn't even carry one bone back. It's hypocritical and just shows that her only true relationship on the show is with a part time monkey in a wig, and that is possibly the worst friendship one can have.

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When NeNe was talking bad about Wig and her various health ailments why didn't Sheree stand up for Kim and tell her to stop talking? Nope, she just sat there taking mental notes of what to tell her friend turned landlord, because let's be real, Wigfield spends more time living in Kim's ass than she does living in Chateau Sheree.

Now that Sheree is off the show what is she going to do with her life? Her only source of income besides "Who Gon' Check Me Boo" t-shirts and her bad novel, is the show, and we all know that Tyrone isn't going to be making her any money from behind bars while he gets his booty pounded in the cell block D showers. I suspect that Chateau Sheree won't be around for long without the show and the checks it provides, which means that she is going to need to take her bad wigs and mute children to another place to live.

Also can we just talk about Tyrone for a second? He was with her when she was on the show, then she got fired and he only started talking to her again when came BACK to the show. Obviously he gets Bravo in prison. It's behind clear that he is only with Sheree for his time in the spotlight and 3 minute collect calls that are featured every Sunday. Without Sheree's attachment to the show, he is gonna drop her faster than his money stealing mouth can say "FRAUD."

Good luck Sheree because you are going to need it with your man, money and home. I think she finally discovered who checked her. Herself!

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