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Eva Longoria Threw Shade At One Of Her Desperate Housewives Co-Stars

Desperate Housewives has been off the air for almost six years but there's still some bad blood between the cast of fiery women.

Eva Longoria who is expecting her first child with husband Jose Baston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her new baby and movie, but of course the conversation eventually turned to her relationships with her former co-stars.

When asked by the host who she still keeps in touch with Eva, confirmed that Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross will be attending her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony next week but when Jimmy asked if they were all good friends she responded with:

"No, but 99 percent of us are."

HA! This is not unexpected because Teri Hatcher famously feuded with the other women on the set of Desperate Housewives, so it isn't surprising that they aren't friends off the show.

The tales of discontent are legendary and I actually broke down every scandal that occurred between the women in last week's shade of the week. If you love Desperate Housewives than you will love the article I wrote in honour or the ladies shady behind the scenes relationships.

Watch the FULL interview in the video above!

What do you think of Eva's shade? Sound off in the comments!

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