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Another One Of Tristan Thompson's Side Chicks Exposed

Get ready because this is just the first one of the many THOTs and hoes across America that is going to come forward as Tristan Thompson's side piece in the new few months. Just think of him as Tiger Woods 2.0

Just in case you've been living under a rock, Tristan has previously been spotted making out with one girl at a NYC nightclub who he then took back to his hotel on Saturday night AND he was seen kissing and motor boating two girls at a hookah lounge in Washington D.C. back in October.

The Daily Mail came through with the tea again and they must have been following this story for MONTHS because they have extensive footage. Tristan's latest side piece to be exposed is called Tania and she's a sales assistant at Dior. How basic.

Tristan and Tania were first spotted together in November when they were seen both entering his hotel after spending the night at a NYC nightclub. She was then spotted leaving his hotel, The Four Seasons Manhattan, the morning after.

It gets worse as it looks like he saw this particular side chick more than once. After their initial meeting in November, they were linked again when Tania attended Tristan's basketball game in Boston. It's unknown if they did in fact hook up this time, but she had GOOD seats. Let's just use our imagination here.

Following their hook up in Boston, they saw each other AGAIN on March 24 at New York hotspot Pergola and Tristan didn't make his curfew to the hotel that night. You know what that means!

This brings the total number of women to four and a half, if you count the chick just sitting there in the TMZ video.

What a weasel to be actively planning to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend. Tristan Thompson has literally become public enemy number one. Now I REALLY hope that the tea is true that Kim Kardashian spat in his face!


The Daily Mail owns all the receipts so legally I can't show you, but you can check out the evidence for yourself here!

What do you think about this serial cheater? Sound off in the comments!

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