Tristan Thompson's THIRSTY Dad Sounds Off On Why His Son Cheated

If you thought that Tristan Thompson was messy, wait till you here about his dad! Just like death and taxes, it's always a certainty that an estranged family member is going to speak out when you're in a crisis.

His dad Trevor spoke to OK! Magazine earlier this week and gave his opinion on why his son has cheated on Khloe Kardashian and many of his other girlfriends in the past. Apparently Trev thinks it's due to the "broken home" that he grew up in.

Cry me a river, millions of people come from divorced families and you don't see them sticking their dick in every THOT's hole! The article got weirder when Trev addressed his relationship with Jordan Craig by saying this juicy tidbit:

"Everyone is talking about Tristan and Jordan… Tristan needs to communicate with his father so he can be a better person to me and to others. If Tristan was communicating with me, these problems would not happen. Mothers can't get through to the son the way the father would be able to."

I'm confused. Is he spilling tea or is he trying to reach out to Tristan because he is doing a bad job of both! Maybe the absence of his father is the reason he's such an asshole. I don't know anything about the situation but maybe Trev being a dead beat dad is the reason that Tristan is one too.

The shady father also suggested that he may write his own tell-all book about the situation and other tales about his NBA star son. What the actual fuck. If Tristan doesn't even care about his dad, why should we? Who is going to buy a book from the father of America's most hated man?

It is so obvious how real this thirst is and the only reason that Trev would write any book is for some coin! Can Kim Kardashian spit on him too?

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