Tristan Thompson Slid Into Girls DMs To Cheat On Khloe Kardashian

Once a pig, always a pig.

Following Tristan Thompson's cheating ways being exposed, Us Weekly is now claiming that he allegedly messaged girls on Instagram to arrange a time to cheat on Khloe Kardashian, while she was pregnant.

Sources detailed the NBA player's method of cheating:

"Tristan slides into girls’ DMs. He messages girls that way, on Instagram, and then meets up with them. He likes exotic or non-American-looking girls with big butts."

His preference in women shouldn't surprise anyone because Khloe is exotic with a big ass and we already knew that was his type from his infamous sex tape. He was also spotted in February flirting with a Khloe lookalike during NBA All-Star weekend. He definitely has a type!

This new relevation makes Tristan look like even more of an asshole because he was actively messaging girls and planning to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend, which is the lowest of the low. It's one thing if it just "happens", but he was organising to fuck THOTS while Khlo sat at home with his baby up inside her! I'm just surprised that none of those screenshots leaked.

Also, the Us Weekly source didn't provide any proof of Tristan's dirty behavior, not to play devil's advocate but we don't know that he was cheating this way. Sorry to stand up for Tristan, but we need receipts, like we clearly saw the first two times.

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