Kanye West's Team Think Erratic Behavior Could Lead To Another Breakdown

When it rains in the Kardashian family it pours! Not only is Khloe Kardashian dealing with a massive cheating scandal, but it looks like Kim Kardashian's man has some drama of his own.

Kanye West's team of his closest confidants are speaking out about the rapper's latest erratic behaviour. Along with firing his manager, posting strange tweets and confessing his love for Donald Trump, Yeezy also had a massive tantrum recently which is making insiders believe that he could be close to having another nervous breakdown.

The Blast is reporting that Kanye yelled at an entire room full of people telling them that: he didn’t need a bunch of people with “titles” around and he would handle his businesses by himself "in-house." He also announced that "Yeezy is the new apple."

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His top advisors are allegedly worried about his mental health following his latest blowup and think he "may be spiralling into a dark place". Kanye's main team are the people who helped him get through his 2016 breakdown and sources are saying that he is apparently distancing himself from them.

To add to the weirdness, Hot 97.1’s Ebro spilled the tea that he had a private meeting with Kanye and he told him he was abandoned by his closest friends and was also battling an opioid addiction at the time of his breakdown. However, The Blast's sources are saying that he never suffered from opioid addiction and his breakdown steamed from paranoia and lack of sleep. Was Kanye lying or was the source?

Watch his strange full interview in the video below!

This is just too messy. He may be having a breakdown but this just sounds like another Tuesday for Kanye. Apparently Kim is his "rock," so hopefully she and a boatload of medications get him through this.

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