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Sarah Jessica Parker Claims There Was "No Catfight" Between Her and Kim Cattrall

From now until the end of eternity, in every interview that any of the Sex And The City ladies do you can guarantee that the question of a third movie and the beef between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall will be brought you.

Except maybe not all of Cynthia Nixon's interviews because she has more important issues to talk about, you know, running for governor and all.

Sarah Jessica Parker did an interview with Vulture to advertise her new film Blue Night and of course, she was asked the dreaded string of SATC questions. The Carrie Bradshaw actress made a point to say she never fought with Kim behind the scenes and that there was no bitchy behaviour among the women:

"I’d just like to remind everybody that there is no catfight. I have never uttered an unkind, unsupportive, unfriendly word, so I would love to redefine it. I also want to remind everybody that there were four women on the set and I spent equal time with all of them, so this was not a set with two women who didn’t get along."

She continued:

"But, no, there is no catfight, there never has been a catfight. I’ve never fought with someone publicly in my life, nor would I. And I spent time with all of the women on the set. People need to recall that it wasn’t just two women on the set fighting because that just never happened.​"

As per usual, SJP reaffirmed her love for Kim and claimed to respect her decision not to go ahead with a third movie amid that infamous Instagram post where Kim made it clear that the two were not friends:

"I’ve always held Kim’s work in high regard and always appreciative of her contributions. If she chooses not to do the third movie, there’s not a lot I can do to change her mind and we must respect it."

She also spilled the tea on the possibility of a third film after it was cancelled last year due to Miss Cattrall saying no:

"The three of us have shared our disappointment that we’re not making that movie, not just on our behalf but our crew, but also just the people that have been vocal about wanting to see it. But we still live in a free country where people get to make choices and sometimes the answer is “no,” and the only way to respond for me is to respect that. So whether we choose to revisit it at another time and reimagine that story — that’s something Michael and I just haven’t talked about yet, that doesn’t mean we won’t, but we haven’t at this time."

It looks like we won't be getting our third film but I don't think we need it. If there's no Kim Cattrall - there's no movie.

SJP always has been good with playing the nice girl and this interview was no exception. Her and Kim's stories definitely vary, so I wonder who is telling the truth. We need Cynthia, Kristen or one of the hairstylists to spill the real tea about what went down behind the scenes between the two divas.

What do you think about SJP's interview? Sound off in the comments! ​

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