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Kanye West Became Addicted To Opioids After Secret Liposuction

Kanye West is officially losing it.

During his interview with TMZ which ranged from talking about Trump tweets to his comments on slavery, the rapper also spilled the tea about his opioid addiction that caused his highly publicized 2016 breakdown.

He started to tell his story about being "drugged the fuck out" during his meeting with Donald Trump and then yelled at everybody in the TMZ newsroom about what he went through. I know that Yeezy is eccentric but this behaviour is not normal, I'd say put him on meds but that's what led to this mess.

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Kim Kardashian's baby daddy said after he got lipsuction, so we wouldn't call him fat like we did Rob, he began to get hooked on opioids that the doctor prescribed him.

Yeezy then started taking even more pills during his Pablo tour but eventually stopped taking the opioids. Two days later he ended up in the hospital with withdrawals, where the doctors gave him even more opioid pills. The mess.

This admission is just the latest incidence of Kanye's spirally behaviour that is causing his team to fear he will have another breakdown.

Check out his story in the video below!

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