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Shade of the Week: Kanye West

Kanye West doing and saying crazy things is like the sky being blue and Kim’s ass being big which is the main reason why I haven’t heavily reported on his latest erratic behaviour that is just uncomfortable to watch.

Obviously we’ve all heard his dumb comments about slavery being a choice but I chose not to report on it because I didn’t want to put actual energy into writing about dissecting something that is so dumb and uneducated, however someone needs to be Shade of the Week and Yeezy is more than deserving of that title.

The entire scandal is just odd to me. First, he fired his manager and (allegedly) yelled at his team in the music studio declaring "Yeezy is the new apple." That’s a Tuesday for Kanye, however, the real mess entered the situation when he decided to head on over to TMZ and attempt to tell his story about his 2016 breakdown and overall crazy behaviour. This is the clearest sign that Pablo’s mental health isn’t in check because wouldn’t you organise a sit down with Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters for a MASSIVE check instead of being interviewed in a newsroom for TMZ? It’s just odd and obviously his publicist had no say about his stupid choice.

The second coming of Christ, his delusional thoughts not mine, got roasted by the one black man at TMZ who had the courage not to lick Kanye’s fat asshole and stood up to the mentally challenged rapper for insisting that 400 years of slavery could have been changed by a simple decision to just not be a slave.

It’s all good and well for Kanye to make these sweeping statements about an entire community when he really isn’t apart of it. Kanye grew up privileged and now resides in a million dollar mansion behind gates with his THOT wife (no tea, no shade, I love you Kim) and can live his life without being affected by his off the cuff statements while it leaves the black community in disarray. He's never known the struggle.

Kanye is still tweeting up for a storm but his support of Trump isn’t the issue I care about, it’s his reckless and insensitive mouth that leaves me annoyed.

As for his opioid addiction, it is just strange that Kanye would even get liposuction considering his mother died from complications of the same surgery years ago. Did he forget about Donda? I’m not saying he betrayed his dead mother in any way but after advocating against the surgery for years, it’s so strange that he could suddenly get it himself. However, it finally makes sense why he had his infamous breakdown as a result of his addiction.

Throughout all the craziness Kim has stood by her man’s side which is morally the right thing to do in the public eye but I hope behind the scenes she’s cussing him out and making sure that he knows he can’t get away with his ignorant comments and dumb opinions. Kanye’s antics could also affect Kim and the entire Kardashian empire. They’ve got so many millions that it doesn’t matter if his crazy ways affect her coins but it matters when the court of public opinion starts to give her side eye for blindly staying but her man who has pissed off the large majority of the world.

Yes, his latest actions seem alarming and he may need to be tied to a stretcher and put on a 24-hour psych evaluation, however all these antics coincide with the release and creation of his latest album. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Kris Jenner and her team have always been masterminds at a good publicity stunt and Yeezy’s rants and abnormal Twitter feed seems to be nothing more than that. They’re also filming for the fifteenth season of their show which all but confirms that Kanye’s behaviour and Khloe’s infidelity drama was definitely for the cameras because the momager needed to revive the show after a few seasons of it being on the brink of ratings doom.

Who knows if this was a mental break or an attention seeking stunt but I don’t think Krazy Kanye will be going anywhere except the bank to cash his checks from the money his crazy behaviour is going to make him on his new albums.