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Reza Farahan Goes Off On Iranian Government & Agrees With Trump

The Shahs of Sunset star is not here for the current Iranian government!

Reza Farahan who is an openly gay man made it clear to TMZ he does not like president Donald Trump the "orange comb-over mother fucker" but he agrees with his decision to drop out of the Iranian nuclear deal and hopes for strong sanctions to be imposed on his home state.

The reality star believes that is how the people can rise up and overthrow the "terroist dictaorship regime" who are sitting at the top of power in the country, which could create peace in Iran. Of course, he couldn't miss the chance to wish death on the entire first family and gave them a double middle finger flip off.

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He has previously spoken out about his disapproval of Iran's practices and stated "Fuck Iran" on Shahs last year due for their disgusting treatment and persecution of gay people in their country.

Wishing that an entire family die is pretty extreme but they are responsible for countless killings for innocent people for no justifiable reason. Can you blame him?

I guess he's pretty pissed. Watch Reza's full rant in the video above.

Do you agree with him? Sound off in the comments!

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