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Tamra Judge's Ex Claims She Won't Let Him Attend Son's Graduation

UPDATE: Tamra clapped back at her ex-husband in an Instagram post with a photo that read "Don't play the victim to circumstances you created" and captioned it with #littlebitch and #bagofdicks.

Damn. Mrs Judge does not come play.


When will he learn that social media isn't the place to air your dirty laundry?

Just when we thought things were good between Tamra Judge and her ex-husband after a terrible custody battle, he's now blaming her for not being invited to their son's high school graduation.

Simon Barney took to all his social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) to ask the public to give him a ticket to their son Spencer's graduation on June 7th and even offered to pay cash for any spare ticket he could get his hands on.

The former reality star is claiming that Tamra is the reason he doesn't have a ticket after he alleged on Instagram he didn't purchase his own because he believed his ex would give him one of her five tickets but then decided not to.

Although he's making The Real Housewives of Orange County star out to be the bad guy, what I've learned from this situation over the years is there's always more going on than what it seems and Simon has been known to manipulate the truth on several occasions.

As it's been documented on Tamra's show, after the couple's messy divorce their daughter Sidney stopped talking to her and their son Spencer stopped talking to Simon. Although Tamra did end up attending her daughter's graduation after years of estrangement, maybe Spencer decided he didn't want his dad there?


Tamra hasn't responded to the claims but we'll see if Simon ends up getting his tickets when June 7th rolls around.

Do you believe Simon or do you think there's more to the story? Sound off in the comments!