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Dorinda Medley & Luann de Lesseps Slam Each Other Over Drinking Ways

What do they say about glass houses?

Luann de Lesseps instigated a new feud with her friend ​Dorinda Medley by discussing her drinking habits on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York in her Bravo blog. The Countess turned felon threw this shade in her self-written piece:

“Bethenny [Frankel] invited Dorinda to Puerto Rico because she believed that she would be an asset on this relief trip. Instead, in an effort to appear relevant, Dorinda insulted Bethenny’s partners after she drank too much,”

“You would think that by now Dorinda would realize that drinking makes her aggressive,” de Lesseps added. “It’s not a good look, and I hope she took to heart what Bethenny had to say about her drinking.”

DAMN! How can Lu talk about anyone being an aggressive drunk when she kicked a cop and threatened to kill him? Is she forgetting about that?

Never one to hold her tongue, Dorinda clapped back at Lu on Twitter for her hypocritical comments and I think I may have developed a vitamin D deficiency from all the shade she was throwing:

Where's the lie?

The blonde bombshell also tore into Bethenny Frankel who had a discussion with her about her drinking on the recent episode of RHONY and it's evident Miss Medley is not happy with the Skinnygirl mogul for accusing her of being a drunk. She wrote in her own Bravo blog:

“Naturally, Bethenny calls me a drunk. Is she really compassionate or is this just another TV moment? We’ve all seen it before —her absolute glee while waiting for one of us to make a misstep, then she pulls out her P-Touch label maker: whore, drunk, nit-wit, loser.”

Woah, Dorinda is coming for everyone and I am here for it. Something tells me this is going to be a major conversation at the upcoming reunion!

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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