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Vicki Gunvalson's Son-In-Law Blasts Her After Allegedly Avoiding Grandkids

Not everyone had a good Mother's Day.

Following yesterday's annual holiday the Instagram account RHOIG, posted Vicki Gunvalson's shady Instagram exchange with her son-in-law Ryan Culberson.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star commented a nice "Miss you guys" but her military relative wasn't having her fake attitude on social media and declared that Vicki didn't answer her phone after his children tried to FaceTime her 20 times and threw some more shade claiming: "Glad to see you're still alive."

Ryan may be a military man but he knows how to throw down like some of the best Housewives. Remember when Lydia's pot fairy mom was sitting on the couch?

After he blasted her on social media he kept the fans on the thread updated by confirming the OG of the OC had blocked him. Check out the shady exchange below:

Vicki's relationship with her family has been strained since the young family randomly moved to North Carolina to be closer to his family after they just finished renovating their OC home that Vicki bought for them. She also went to visit them a few months ago and Ryan took to social media to post a photo of the Wicked Witch of the West during her stay.

The shade is real and I suspect we'll see it all on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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