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Mercedes "MJ" Javid Shades Ramona Singer For Rude Behaviour

Another Bravo beef is upon us!

During Mercedes "MJ" Javid's appearance on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro she was asked about her experience with The Real Housewives and explained how she hung out with heaps of them after their WWHL LA special, however, she doesn't get along with all her Bravo colleagues.

MJ immediately admitted that Ramona Singer is "awful" whenever they have met in the past and she treats people like they are beneath her. She explained:

“We’ve shot things like ‘Summer By Bravo’ and she’s just — it’s like she doesn’t, it’s become kinda a comedic thing now where she doesn’t acknowledge people,” she explained. “She sees everyone as beneath her. She doesn’t remember anyone’s name who she’s met a million times. I mean, I think that s–t sucks, you know? When do you ever want to make someone feel like s–t who ranks in some professional lower tier? Like, you want to lift those people up…I would never take her personally. I just, I observe it.”​

She also ranked NeNe Leakes in the same league and stated she holds herself above everyone else on the network, much like The Singer Stinger. This isn't surprising tea that she's spilling but it's interesting to see another Bravo star speak out about it. NeNe was also called out on the WWHL LA episode for ignoring MJ's co-star Reza Farahan years ago when he was new to Bravo.

Page Six reached out to Ramona for a comment and The Apologiser gave them a quintessential response to the Shahs of Sunset star's interview. Read the following extract in Ramona's voice and it's like watching an episode of RHONY:

“I apologize that she felt offended. I had been working on my marriage at the time which resulted in a divorce. I was very wrapped up in my own world. That period of my life was very difficult. My intent is never to be rude or disrespectful towards people.”

Watch MJ spill the tea in the video below at the 1hr 3min mark.

Don't you think it's funny how NeNe was a stripper and Ramona always brags about "coming from nothing" but yet they both treat people like shit now?

Are you surprised? Sound off in the comments!

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