Vinny Guadagnino Slams Wendy Williams & Trolls While Denying Cheating On His Girlfriend

These Guidos never have a shortage of drama!

After Vinny Guadagnino's ex-girlfriend went OFF on him flirting with strippers and bottle service girls on the recent episodes of Jersey Shore, he has officially responded to her anger and he's doubling down on his questionable behaviour.

Wendy William's Twitter account posted the headline "Vinny’s ex is flipping out after seeing him cheat on #JerseyShore" as a hint to what the host would be talking about on her Hot Topics segment and he blasted it as fake news.

Following the initial tweet, Vinny started clapping back at ALL the haters for over an hour with dozens of responses. Bascially, he repeatedly denied cheating, claimed his relationship was secure enough to pick up strippers and blamed editing for changing the narrative.

I could retype out his arguments or I could provide you guys with the receipts, which is more effective anyway. Here are some of the highlights from his rant:

Finally, he put his phone down, probably to do some more GTL, because that's these Guidos know how to do.

Do you think what Vinny did is considered cheating? Sound off in the comments!