Shade of the Week: Khloe Kardashian

We were rooting for you, we were ALL rooting for you!

Following the insane cheating scandal when Tristan Thompson was exposed for cheating on his VERY pregnant baby mama, the world’s love and affection automatically turned to Khloe Kardashian because no one should have to go through the mess of being cheated on when you are literally five minutes away from giving birth to your first baby. Yes, Tristan did have a previous baby mama and began dating Khloe before his first child was even born. The cunty signs were there. But Tristan and #1BM weren’t officially an item and no one could deny the love Khloe & Tristan had together - or so we thought. After years of heartache, drug addict husbands, meaningless sex with endless rappers and ball players, Khloe was FINALLY ready to get her fairytale, and it looks like she isn’t even letting Tristan’s wandering penis get in the way of it.

Now, we’ve already shaded Tristan extensively but we all have to realise that you would either have to have brain damage or a knack for self destruction to cheat on one of the most famous women in the world in a public setting. I think the reality of having a baby and a committed relationship started to sink in so he reverted back to his philandering ways in the hopes he could take the cowards way out and Khloe would dump him, but I don’t think she really took the hint.

Obviously, it’s Khloe’s life and it’s her right to chose what the fuck she wants to do with it but her making it public knowledge that she was staying with him after only a few weeks of the scandal breaking was a slap in ALL our faces. Her fans really rallied together to bring signs to his basketball games, cheer her name, endlessly troll his social media pages, but in the end, she never even addressed the issue and sat in the crowd to watch him play ball. The message was very clear and I think even Stevie Wonder could see she was saying: “Shut the fuck up, I’m staying with my cheating baby daddy.”

Is dick can't be THAT good? Or can it?

Once a cheater always a cheater, especially if you’re a basketball player with endless temptations of big tits and juicy THOT asses at every stop on the road. I predict one of two things: either Khloe will turn a blind eye for their entire relationship OR they’ll break up when basketball season picks up in the Fall because he cannot be trusted. There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that he is going to cheat on her again, sad but true, and I just feel sorry for the baby who’s going to have to grow up with a shared custody agreement or even worse, a strained household if they stay together. Khloe is said to be 100% devoted to True and probably isn’t even emotionally ready to fathom the enormity of the cheating scandal. The worst part of this is that it makes Khloe look dumb, which is an adjective we all know she’s not. She’s probably the strongest of the Kardashian tribe, yet her weakness seems to be a good black cock.

The world is not going to get over this. This isn’t a Trump tweet or a naked photo of Kim, this was one of the biggest celebrity cheating scandals to ever rock our little planet. Khloe can put her head in the sand in try to move on but that TMZ video will always be in the back of everyone's mind every time they enter a room, attend an event together or film a scene for the show. Fair enough if she doesn't care what her fans think, but her family obviously doesn't like the serial cheater either, which is more than evident in their Ellen interviews where Kim & Kris had to pivot the question or pretend to be supportive but you can see the disapproval in their eyes. This situation isn’t leaving so if she wants to spend the next 60 years with a known cheater who everyone is quietly judging, be my guest, but be prepared for permanent side eye.